Ellen Stansell, PhD, RYT is one of a small handful of scholars who specialize in the history, philosophy, and literature of India’s yoga tradition. At University of Texas at Austin, Ellen wrote a Master’s thesis on the yogic psychology of the Upanishads and a PhD dissertation on the karma yoga teachings of the Bhagavad Gita. After graduating in 2008, Ellen published a number of academic paper on various topics in yoga philosophy, including Tantra.

A Hatha Yoga teacher since 2007, in recent years Ellen has turned her attention toward serving yoga teachers, teachers-in-training, and practitioners. Ellen has worked with more than 600 students in numerous teacher trainings and public settings. She teaches in clear, vivid language illustrating subtle concepts with examples from everyday life. Ellen moves easily from the finer points of yoga theory to the bigger picture issues how yoga has evolved over the centuries and what yoga means for us today. She cares most about what it means for the practitioner; her goal is to support practitioners in moving forward on their own paths of yoga with insight, a connection to the past, and an inspired vision of the future.