You’re passionate about developing your yoga practice. And how you share yoga with others.

You read. You train. You keep showing up.

You are helping to write the next chapter in the history of yoga. Have you ever thought about that?

I have. I think what you’re doing is amazing.

And I want to support you.

I’m Ellen Stansell, Ph.D. My mission is to serve the yoga community by sharing what I know about:

  • Philosophy of yoga
  • Yogic psychology
  • Yogic literature
  • Yogic diet and lifestyle
  • Sanskrit
  • Ethics

With a Ph.D. in Philosophy of Yoga, personal study under spiritual teachers in India and the U.S., and ten years as a Hatha Yoga instructor . . . I don’t know much. Just a few drops of a vast ocean.

But what I know, I want to share with you.

My commitment to service shapes every aspect of my work.


It’s all about what you take away. My goal is always to put skills and knowledge in your hands that you can use. To build your competencies and confidence.


India’s lineage teachers teach their version of “the truth.” I honor them. But that’s not the kind of teacher I am. I offer a broad perspective. I share a wide range of teachings and trust you to synthesize them in a way that rings true.


I teach online and in person. Not in Texas? Let’s talk about how I can come to you via internet or in person.


I want full-time yoga teachers to be able to afford my courses!

The future of yoga in the West is in our hands. And hearts.

I’m excited about what we can create together.

Let’s connect! Click here to email me or sign up for my newsletter.